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A glossary of terms important to IBM mainframe machines

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Y2K:  Year 2000 (2K). The entire issue of date processing in computers that could be effected by the arrival of January 1, 2000: the first day in computer history, Charles Babbage notwithstanding, when the year did not begin 19. Much date processing code in hardware, software and firmware relied on it being a 19xx year. Ironically, the quiet passing of the day was greeted with complaints that all the Y2K efforts were a giant waste of time and money, and that the alarmists had been wrong or, worse yet, motivated by high consulting fees. The truth, of course, was that alarmists were doomed to failure. Reaction to their warnings made their predictions incorrect. If they had said nothing, then their predictions would have come true, but they would have been criticized for not speaking out.

Year 2000:  See Y2K.

Yellow wire:  IBMspeak for the repair wires used for broken connectors, or to reconnect cut traces, etc. See blue wire, purple wire, red wire.

YES/MVS:  Yorktown Expert System/MVS Manager. IBM R & D project using expert systems for operational control of z/OS: includes facilities for scheduling batch work, JESx queue management, incident reporting, performance monitoring, etc. Defunct.

Yottabyte:  1024 zettabytes, 2 to the eightieth, or, to put it another way, 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 bytes. Terminology which is unlikely to be in use for a little while yet! But, wait: a Canadian high performance large disk storage company has named itself YottaYotta. See Zettabyte.

Yukon:  IBM code name for the AS/Entry model announced August 1990.