E-Business Server:Corrupt Data, Unknown Hash (when decrypting a file)

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Corrupt Data, Unknown Hash (when decrypting a file)

Technical Articles ID: SDSKB8

Environment E-Business Server 8.7 and prior, 7.6 and prior

Problem You see the following error when decrypting a file that was encrypted and signed by a PGP Desktop 9.x user:

Corrupt Data, Unknown Hash

NOTE: If the PGP Desktop user only encrypted, but did not sign the file, then E-Business Server can decrypt the file.In addition, you might see the following message if you decrypt a file that was encrypted and signed by a PGP Desktop 9.x user:

WARNING: Bad signature, doesn't match file contents!

E-Business Server successfully decrypts the file.

Also other products besides PGP Desktop 9 (GPGP, for instance) may also use a SHA-2 Hash in a signature.

Cause When the PGP file is signed, it uses a Private Key. A new SHA-2 Hash was introduced in PGP Desktop 9.x. The SHA-2 Hash is currently not supported by E-Business Server.

Solution When signing files with PGP Desktop 9.x, create a new key pair that uses a SHA-1, 3DES, CAST, or TWOFISH Hash. SHA-2 support has been added to EBS 8.8.x and 7.7.x. Upgrade to the latest 8.8.x or 7.7.x release that is currently available.