E-Business Server:Cannot disable USEICSF

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Cannot disable USEICSF

Technical Articles ID: SDSKB2

Environment E-Business Server 7.x


Integrated Cryptographic Service Facility (ICSF) is used even after USEICSF=NO is coded in the config file.

NOTE: You can use ICSF only if it is available on your computer.


Upgrade to 7.7.0 or higher. USEICSF is deprecated as of release 7.7.0, and is replaced by ICSFENCRYPT for data encryption and ICSFRANDOM for random number generation. The default action is to enable both.

Note that prior to 7.7, USEICSF =ON / OFF was used to determine whether entropy is automatically generated for key creation AND the use of ICSF for 3DES data encryption. The latter function should have been disabled by USEICSF = NO, but it was not. In 7.7 the two features are controlled separately, and the controls work for both.